Angel Cakes – Blow Me And Fuck Me

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Lucky for us we have all of the first pornos of the sexy amateur coed pornstar Angel Cakes – In fact, these amateur vids of the cute coed from Colorado were shot a good year before she did her first set for Bang Bros or Reality King. Angel had taken a ride with Richard Nailder and crew to South Park Colorado to take a few images and we figured – wtf – why not fuck her on the truck during the hour drive to the woods where we planned on shooting a few nekkid images. handing the camera to a friend, and turning over the driving duties to another, Richard and Angel climbed in the back seat and proceeded to shoot angel in her third-ever amateur hardcore porno vid. You can view Angel’s entire vid on Real Colorado Girls right now or enjoy these free amateur porno vids of the cute teenage pornstar Angel Cakes vids here:

The first Real Colorado Girls vid lets you see Angel’s faultless pointy tits and her cute innocent smile but the part I like best about Angel Cakes is her faultless round booty – and what better way to admire her faultless round booty that to shoot her from behind? In this amateur porno vid, Angel takes the fat schlong of Richard Nailder as deep in her dainty little cunt as the old bastard can force it.

Grabbing the shy coed’s faultless round butt the dirty old man rams his throbbing hard schlong deep into the coeds wet little cunt making her moan with pleasure. This vid is just a sample of the real amateur porno you will find on Real Colorado Girls but if you ask me, Angel has the best coed butt of them all…..

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Angel Cakes Tastes Cooder For The First Time

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Watching teenagers munch coochie really turns me on and watching a teenager munch coochie for the first time is the ultimate turn-on for me. Lucky for us, the perverts at Glass Mannequin captured the first-ever porno video clip of the hard-bodied booty-teen Angel Caked devouring the cunt of a girlfriend. In fact, according to Angel, this is the first time she’s ever even been close to devouring a coochie – but it would be hard to tell from this amateur three-some video clip.

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Angel Cakes Licks Her First Cunt

Angel Cakes is a super innocent looking hard-bodied teen with superb pointy rack and a grand round butt – watching her run her tongue over the swollen clitoris of her tattooed flaxen girlfriend as she takes a fat meat in her own shaved cunt is almost too much – well, almost – lol. Of course,, seeing her nervousness as the more experienced bi-sexual teenager, Gracelynn Moans began devouring her shaved coochie was hot too – in fact, hot enough that I wanted to see more of these two mischievous coeds – and no one has more video clip of these two sweet hearts than the guys at Glass Mannequin so check them out today.

Gracelynn Moans Eating Angel's Pussy

Gracelynn Moans munching Angel’s Pussy

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Angel Cakes First Porno Vid

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Angel Cakes never thought she would be doing smut but after fucking her brother’s boyfriend……. (don’t ask)  her brother decided that his little sister needed a good grudge fucked-fuck for her transgressions. Thanks to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister, he would even get to film his sister getting fucked by the old bastard and there was nothing his sister could say that was gong to prevent him from from making her do smut. Angel is a cute 18 year old brunette with a cute smile, pointy little boobies, a shaved teen beaver and a terrific round butt.

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Angel Cakes Brother Prepares To film Her In Her First smut Video

Soon after showing up at the doorstep of the Bring Me Your Sister crew, her brother had a camera in his hand and his sister was sprawled out on Richard Nailder’s couch as he licked her beaver for the first time on camera. Angel is a very shy  teen-next-door type and she was a little overwhelmed by having her brother there as she was getting eaten-out but there was nothing she could do to stop the old man and her brother wasn’t helping either.

Angel Cakes Gets Her Pussy Licked As Her Brother Films

Angel Cakes Gets Her beaver Licked As Her Brother Films

Not everyone’s sister is as cute as Angel Cakes and not everyone’s sister is willing to do smut but lucky for us, her brother was looking for payback – and what better payback than to make your sister suck a fat schlong as you film it for the internet? Poor Angel did her best to ignore the fact that her mischievous brother was next to her as she proceeded to suck the old guy’s fat schlong. Her brother enjoyed the bj film but he was having a heard time waiting to see his sister fucking the old bastard – after all, the little cunt had fucked her brother’s friend and he she needed to pay.

Angel Cakes Sucks Cock For Her Brother

Angel Cakes Sucks schlong For Her Brother

The good news is her brother put the tape of his sister fucking on the internet for everyone to enjoy. See Angel Cakes first smut video clip today at Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to two additional sites featuring this hard-bodied teenager for the same price.

Angel Cakes Brother Made Her Do Sister Smut

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It’s well known that Angel Cakes first ever porno video clip was filmed by her brother for a tiny amateur porno site called Bring Me Your Sister but few people know that her brother brought her back and filmed his sister fucking for the camera for a second time. Being the generous person that I am I thought I’d share a few pictures of the sibling fimed smut for you all to enjoy. The first picture of the super cute Angel Cakes and her brother was taken right after she agreed to let her brother film her fucking. You can tell from the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face that she’s looking forward to the fat meat of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister and the  fact that her brother would be within inches of her wet little cunt with a camera obviously doesn’t bother her at all.

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Angel Cakes And Her Brother

When a teenagers shows up at Bring Me Your Sister for the second time, you can bet that the little tramp is seriously interested in getting into porno and Angel Cakes is no exception. In her first sister porno video clip, she was a little uncomfortable  but this time, she was looking forward to showing off her cute smile, fabulous pointy cans, marvelous round booty and her puffy coed muff. And althouh her brother claimed to be gay, he sure did a good job of getting plenty of closeups of his sister’s coed muff – or maybe it was the old guy’s fat meat that was turning her brother on……..

Angel Cakes amateur sister porn video

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel took to porno like a fish takes to water – and even with her brother filming her she was comfortable with her nudity and it showed. This teen will do well in porno and the guys at Bring Me Your Sister were lucky that she had a perverted  brother that was willing to pressure her to do porno. In fact, if you ask me, we’re all lucky that this cute brunette’s brother forced her to do porno.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

OK – I know you were all waiting to see Angel’s fabulous round ass – and so I’ll throw in one picture of her brother filming her riding the fat meat of Richard Nailder in her second porno video clip ever. As an ass lover I love watching Angel’s fabulous ass riding up and down on a fat meat – and the fact that her own brother was filming it is a turn-on in itself so take a minute and imagine it you grasping Angel Cakes fabulous round ass and slowly lowering her wet coed muff onto your own throbbing meat.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

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Lesbian Butterfly Haze

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What starts out as a friendly game of cards between these tight little cunts ends in a real “winner takes all” gamble. The wager between these two hot Colorado girls is an orgasm for the winner administered by the loser. After a few minutes it is clear that Josie Joe doesn’t stand a chance and Butterfly Haze is ready to get her tight snatch licked for her reward. Josie Joe is not someone who takes to losing, but it would seem she is throwing the card game just to collect her own reward of getting her hot carpet-muncher opponent stripped bare and eaten raw.

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Two hot teen lesbians wager for cards

Now that the card game is over the winner collects her rewards a sex-toy and a warm tongue on her aching snatch. Josie Joe is ready and willing to pay for her loss in full by devouring this tight little Latina cunt spread across the table. It’s not hard to see why Josie was ready for her “defeat” getting to taste this 18 year old snatch. Butterfly didn’t seem to mind that Josie had a little toy to help her tongue in doing its work. After all Butterfly is not an easy teen to please and Josie definitely has her work cut out for her.

Latina lesbian getting her reward

Winner takes all

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Camping Carpet-muncher Style

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Now if you are going to go camping don’t forget the beer, brats and two very sexy cunt-munchers that spend all day fucking in your tent. To hell with fishing and hunting, if you were looking at this in your tent would you really long for to leave your campsite? Hell no, you’d be right there wanking as these two honies lie kissing in your tent. See more of Butterfly Haze and her friend Tasha Burke on Real Colorado Girls.

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Didn’t take these two long to start the "recreation"

It is obvious these two brunette cunt-munchers are ready and willing to fuck, it didn’t take long and Tasha had her hands all over the hard-bodied Mexican Girl Butterfly Haze. With Butterfly always being a submissive little fuck it didn’t take long for the more experienced lesbo Tasha to take advantage of this unsurpassed opportunity to play with her sweet shaved butterfly-snatch. Tasha practically ripping at Butterfly’s clothes to get at her pointy cans and tight coed snatch.


Butterfly always submits to a dominant hussy like Tasha

Once the clothes come off then the real fun begins and out come the toys and tongues for a wave of orgasm that never seems to stop. Tasha has Butterfly exactly where she wants her and this cute 18 year old teen is in for a weekend that she will never forget. The pleasure never seems to stop between these two hot cunt-munchers and the camera only seem to encourage them more.


What’s better than a tight slit? Answer: Two tight slits

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Butterfly Tattoo And A Dildo

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One can only guess why teenage Mexican Girl Butterfly Haze would get bunch of butterfly tattooed on her side but my guess is that the butterfly tattoos represent her sweet butterfly vagina. And what better vagina than a sweet butterfly vagina? Lucky for butterfly lovers world wide, Butterfly Haze is willing to show more than just her tattoos – in this clip, Butterfly masturbates in the greenhouse with two purple dildos. The hard-bodied coed loves to show off her unspoiled little fun bags and her sweet butterfly vagina. In fact, this little coed skank  has done dozens of softcore and hardcore amateur videos and the only place you can find her videos – including her initial porno audition, is on Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. Join any one of these three amateur coed sites and get unlimited access to all three.

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Butterfly Haze Masturbating

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